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My Story

My name is Roy Broadhurst and I am a UK citizen of 64 years so far. In the year 2000 on a self-guided safari trip, I visited Mbazwana quite by accident and decided to stay for a couple of weeks. Few people outside of South Africa have heard of Zululand and fewer still have ever heard of Mbazwana and yet the town and the surrounding tribal area of Umkhanyakude, that covers roughly 13,000 square kilometres, is what can only be described as a paradise of nature. Not only is it a natural paradise but it is inhabited by the Zulu people, an ancient African tribal culture that is still celebrated and practiced to this day. 

Roy amaZulu.jpg

I was quickly adopted by the Zulu community as a brother into the Zulu family, which is how I was treated by everyone I met, everywhere I went. This is the way of the Zulu and for someone like myself, from a culture where family is mostly measured in a handful of people this was a profoundly beneficial experience. So much so that I stayed there for fifteen months and have been back there every year since. Over those two decades, I have not only studied Zulu history and culture but I have lived it and have myself become Zulu. 

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Zulu girls.jpg

I would describe my experience with the Zulu people in the environmental paradise that they call home as the most immersive experience in nature that is possible. It is one big experience that you have on land with the wildlife, in the ocean with marine life and with people in Zulu life. For those of us from developed nations, it is an amazing and unique life experience for all the right reasons and with Ikhaya Lemvelo, we are making it available for visitors to come and enjoy. 

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